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Enterprise Architecture

Based on today’s highly competitive and disruptive environment, I propose an enterprise architecture should enable three key characteristics.  They include:

  • Agility
  • Innovation
  • Optimisation

In essence, to succeed an enterprise architecture requires a business first approach.  Subsequently, informed by my experience and knowledge a highly relevant and actionable enterprise architecture must be interwoven with business strategy and planning cycles.

Additionally, my role is to ensure enterprise architecture provides an organisational platform for strategy execution.  Moreover, using enterprise architecture as a tool to align digital technologies/IT investment with business priorities.

Furthermore, I endorse delivering a nimble, high performance enterprise architecture capability.  Themes include:

  1. Adopt a customer first, technology second mindset.
  2. Provide contextual insight for better decision-making.
  3. Manage complexity throughout the strategy to execution process.
  4. Provide a communication and collaboration engine, demonstrating value with clarity.
  5. Facilitate connections between business and IT.  Why?  To strengthen relationships and deliver better business outcomes.
  6. Embrace a learning and improvement culture partnering with business and IT stakeholders.

Finally, my philosophy towards enterprise architecture is:

  • Keep it simple, add detail when applicable.
  • Avoid temptations to engineer the world.  What may seem plausible in theory, often is unattainable in practice.

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